HYPE Creative Partners, Building Brands with Soul.

We believe that every brand is a living breathing thing, with its own heart and soul. We exist to bring your brand soul to life.

We believe that every brand is a living breathing thing, with its own heart and soul. We exist to bring your brand soul to life.

who we are
who we are

Hype Creative Partners is a full service boutique branding and creative agency. We build brands with soul and create stories that tug at the heart strings of your customer and connect with them in a meaningful way.

We are an agency where true innovation and passion are nurtured, and where talent is not fenced in by zip code.  An Agency, where the passion and love for creativity and storytelling are at the heart of everything we do.

why us?
why us?

We customize your team with a team of creative wizards that not only understand your target audience, but are your target audience.

We have taken out the smoke and mirrors and all of the fluff.  Your team is tailored based on your brand’s needs. You work directly with the people doing the actual work on your brand. No bait and switch with us.  You get to work with the people actually doing the work, and not pay for folks with fancy titles that you never see and have no idea what they do.

We will care about your brand as much as you do, will consider ourselves part of your team, will not just say yes, but will always give you our honest recommendation of what we think is right for the brand.   We will eat sleep and breathe your brand, and we will not stop until your brand is at the top.

We breathe new life into your brand and help you connect with your customer.

Do you know what your business is based on? Nope, it isn’t profits, sure they are important, but they are a direct reflection on how well you connect with your customers.

What do people care about? At the end of the day, everyone on this earth, the one thing we all want, is to be seen and heard, and to feel like we matter.

Figuring out how your brand can help make a difference in people’s lives and connect with their own personal values is where we come in.

creative science

We apply the rigors of market research,  cultural psychology, design psychology, and apply a customer centric creative approach into everything we do. This enables us to ensure your branding is based on what your customer wants, where they are, and what they care about. We create a rally cry your customers will respond to, and enable you to become part of the conversation they are already having, rather than trying to create one that isn’t relevant to them.

creative storytelling

Once we have uncovered your brand’s cultural blueprint, we work to create your brand’s story in a way that is going to connect best with your audience. The visuals and words that tell your brand’s story are woven together to connect to the heart of your consumer in an authentic and meaningful way that provides value.

Brand Strategy
brand strategy
Building a brand takes insight and knowledge, even more now than ever.  Hype knows how to find key audience insights and determine a breakthrough positioning for your brand We translate those findings into a cultural blueprint that provides a roadmap for how your brand can breakthrough in the minds of your consumer and win in today’s competitive and cluttered marketing world.
There is no longer a one-size fits all method to content.  Instagram vs. Snapchat? Should you be doing Facebook ads? We specialize in understanding the strengths of each platform and creating content that maximizes the opportunities across those platforms.
Creative Design
creative design

Our creative department creates stories based on brand insights, customer psychology and design thinking. The work is based on today’s modern marketing culture and takes into account all the various digital platforms and how your audience uses each to ensure your story is told the right way.

We create content that connects to your audience emotionally, and entertains them to allow your brand to become part of the culture your audience is already a part of.

Interactive Design
interactive design
Whether your brand needs a video, website, animation or app, we can do it for you. We have a full service interactive team that works with you to bring your brand story to life in an interactive and dynamic way.



Brand Strategy

brand strategy

Digital Strategy
digital strategy
Launch Strategy
launch strategy
Brand Identity

brand identity

Email Marketing

e-mail marketing

Graphic Design

graphic design

Creative Collateral

creative collateral

Logo Development

logo development

Campaign Development

campaign development

Content Development

content development

Web Design and Development

web design & development

Influencer Marketing
influencer marketing

our team is your creative partner

Our Leadership team is comprised of award- winning strategists & creatives.

We have taken out the smoke and mirrors and all of the fluff.  We customize a team specific to your needs and business. You work directly with the people doing the actual work on your brand.  No bait and switch with us.  Your team is tailored based on your brand so that you work with experts in your specific audience and brand needs.

Cynthia Ferngren – CEO

“In order for you to unlock your brand’s potential, you must first unlock your own.”

Cynthia is an award-winning brand expert, storyteller, strategist, copywriter, photographer, author, speaker and launch addict. She has won over 10 awards, launched over 10 multi-million dollar brands and secured well over 10 million in revenue for the brands she has been responsible for leading.

Cynthia has twenty years of expert experience and has led the strategy and branding for such brands as IBM, Botox, Aczone, Brevena, Dell Software, Peace Out, Sephora, Liberty Mutual, Grill Concepts Restaurants, Singular, Imitrex, People PC, PeaPod, Zen Foods and more.

She works to uncover the unique threads that make up a brand’s DNA and weave them together into a cohesive story that breathes life, not only into the brand itself, but the people that it is made of.

Robert Rivers

Robert Rivers

Creative Partner

Caitlin Pellas

Caitlin Pellas

Copy Writer

Jupin Chamanara

Jupin Chamanara

Project Management Director

a few of our client partners

a few of our client partners

Liberty Mutual
Peace Out
Grill Concepts Restaurant Collection

the proof is in the pudding

the proof is in the pudding

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get in touch
At HYPE we believe in being a true partner. We commit ourselves to your brand & project as much as you do.
Let’s partner together.