Lay’s is on a mission to bring more smiles to more faces all around the world. They have teamed up with the nonprofit Operation Smile and their brand ambassador, Jordan Sparks, to put a smile on the faces of their customers and the faces of children and young adults who suffer from cleft conditions around the world.

To launch the campaign the brand opened a three-day experiential pop-up, Lay’s Smiles Experience, in New York City. The campaign will be promoted by TV ads, personalized/customized packaging, a branded filter, and the hashtag #SmileWithLays. These marketing efforts follow the common wisdom about millennials; that experiential marketing, cause marketing and personalization can be a more effective way to make a meaningful connection with their customer.

The effort is based on research that shows nine out of 10 people feel happier when they see someone else smile. The campaign is a way for the brand to tie into the current culture climate, people are currently unhappy about the state of our society and need something to smile about.

Lay’s is giving fans the opportunity to see the power of sharing a smile, because smiles can make a difference in other people’s lives.